Welcome at the Arpas Engineering Services B.V. site

The private limited liability company ARPAS ENGINEERING SERVICES B.V. was established in November 1992. As a technical agency, the company secondments personel in a qualitative, accurate and reliable way and hereby tries to take in her place in the sector.

Her qualified engineers, designers and construction personel stand guarantee for an optimal, correct and efficient execution of their work in your projects.

The acquisition clearly focuses on oilrefineries, (petro-)chemical and nuclear industry, food- and pharmaceutical industry, offshore, metallurgy industry and the aeronautical and automotive industry.

To realize her goals, a whole team is connected to ARPAS BV. A team that not only monitors the technical and social capabilities of her personel, but also applies the judicial and fiscal framework around it. The corporate culture of ARPAS BV strives quality, rather than quantity.